A fax server is set up

Maple Park uses HylaFAX+, an open source fax server system, to provide sending and receiving service for all of the machines on our local network. We use the command line interface for sending and, as we have just a basic fax modem (MT5634ZPX-PCI-U) and send and receive just a few faxes per day, have found this set up adequate for our needs.

The setup is mostly standard following the instructions in the HOW-TO and required just a few custom scripts. To have the server return a pdf of a successfully sent fax to the sender's mail account, we had to generate a script per the HOW-TO in the fax etc directory named FaxNotify. We did create a jobcontrol to block access to 911, but mostly just to test the concept. Jobcontrol did require a JobControlCmd vector to be added to our etc/config file. Here is our current modem configuration file.

As we have a plain old telephone service line coming into the modem, we do not have a method to directly route the incoming faxes to the proper recipient. All incoming faxes are routed by FaxDispatch to one user who has the additional minimal duty to forward faxes to the proper email account. One thing that was not well documented is that the system usually runs as user uucp and all of these scripts must be readable by uucp.