Open building codes proposal

We should propose or strongly support efforts to make information incorporated in local ordinances by reference available by download from the internet at no cost. Maybe even so far as to ask that state law require such access to items incorporated by reference or, in the alternative, deem such items null and void statutorily.


September 04, 2013 "Housing Zone"

Lawsuit aims to stop activist's attempt to make building codes free of cost

( . Open-government activist Carl Malamud has been posting building codes on his website in an attempt to make codes developed by professional associations and trade groups available for free to the public.

August 7, 2013 "Washington Post"

And the seminal website: which includes the “Incorporated by Reference Section”

Of course this would all be for naught if we don't supply a link to all our local codes of our own and we do! Just check the References (Code Books) section below.